WhatsApp Plus APK Download (Official) Latest Version – Anti Ban 2022

Before explaining what WhatsApp Plus is, let’s discuss briefly what WhatsApp  Plus APK is and what are the main features in the latest, but the official version in 2022. WhatsApp is considered to be the most popular messaging app used by people nowadays.

WhatsApp Plus Android/iPhone is advanced, but the modded version of WhatsApp. The advanced version means that it includes other features that are not available on WhatsApp. These include amazing Themes, Wallpapers, Emoticons, and Advanced file-sharing options along with privacy features like Hiding Online Statuses, Recording Audio/Video calls,s, and others.

WhatsApp Plus app is almost the same as WhatsApp official, regardless of some advanced and modified features that offer advanced privacy and customization. You may also check interesting and extended features of GB Whatsapp APK for android and iOS devices (Mobile – Tablet – PC – Laptops).

Whatsapp Plus MOD APK Intro

Official Introduction
WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is the modified or advanced version of WhatsApp. It has many amazing features. These unique and advanced features are not present in the official WhatsApp.

Thousands and millions of users use this app due to its fascinating features, including colorful and various themes. Also, you can hide your last seen from whoever you want. Using WhatsApp Plus APK, you can also send messages to those, not on the contact list. You can connect to many people at once using WhatsApp plus.

Download Latest WhatsApp APK on your device whether it’s Android or iPhone and enjoy its features.

How to download WhatsApp Plus?

Downloading WhatsApp Plus is quite simple. You can easily download this modified version of WhatsApp easily. By following the steps below, you can easily download WhatsApp Plus latest Version instantly on your device.

You can also download WhatsApp Plus APK from the link given below. The steps of downloading WhatsApp Plus are as follow:

  • Firstly, this app is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download it from any authentic link, so download it from the button given below.
  • Before downloading WhatsApp Plus, make sure to backup your chat from the original WhatsApp. Simply go to settings, then chat setting, then select the backup option. Select that, and your chat backup will be created.
  • After that, uninstall the original WhatsApp, then download WhatsApp Plus through the button below.
  • After installation, you have to enter your number and verify it through an OTP pin or code.
  • Lastly, enter your name and number and enjoy WhatsApp Plus with outstanding new and fabulous features.

These are some very simple steps of downloading WhatsApp Plus MOD APK.


WhatsApp Plus is internally the same as the original Whatsapp, but some features are unique and new. WhatsApp plus features are as follows:

Amazing themes

WhatsApp Plus has a theme facility which means Whatsapp Plus users can change themes according to their choice. WhatsApp Plus themes are versatile and attractive. Almost 700 themes WhatsApp Plus contains, the themes are of different colors and graphics. A fascinating thing is you don’t have to download themes individually; instead of downloading the theme, the app itself contains the themes.

Advanced file sharing options

In the original WhatsApp, a person can share files up to 16MB. If you are using WhatsApp Plus, you can share 50 MB files with other people. No worries, if you want to transfer files containing more MBs, then go for WhatsApp Plus APK as it has advanced file-sharing options.

Advanced emoticons

Using emoticons during a conversation makes the conversation exciting, and it’s convenient for one person to share his emotions using emoticons. Original WhatsApp also has emoticons, but WhatsApp Plus has more advanced emoticons.

But here is the thing, the advanced emojis that are available on WhatsApp Plus are not accessible on original WhatsApp, which means only WhatsApp Plus users can view those advanced emojis. If you have sent advanced emojis to the user with original WhatsApp, then the user can’t see that advanced emoji.

History & Logs

The most useful and beneficial feature of WhatsApp Plus is history and logs, which means you can get a record of every activity done in your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp official does not offer this feature. This feature can definitely help you in many ways, i.e., how much time your spend using WhatsApp daily.


WhatsApp Plus provides you with a variety of wallpaper. You can select any wallpaper and can place it on your chat screen or wall. You can select according to your choice.

Automatic message reply

The Auto-reply feature is also accessible on WhatsApp Business Account. Also, WhatsApp Plus allows its users to auto-reply to the messages of the people. Using this automatic message reply feature, you can send an auto-reply to whoever texts you.

Variety of fonts and styles

WhatsApp Plus allows you to set different types of font, including different colors and styles. Select font according to your choice and make your chat look more attractive. It is the most impressive and attractive feature of WhatsApp.

Hiding option

WhatsApp Plus has hiding options that mean from anyone or a group of people; you can hide your Online status. One benefit of this hiding feature is that people cannot interrupt you while you are online. You can also hide your recording status from anyone you want.

The original WhatsApp doesn’t contain this feature.

Clearing unnecessary stuff

WhatsApp Plus allows its users to clear unnecessary chats and all the unnecessary kinds of stuff. The cleaner feature is only present in this modified version.

Anti-ban WhatsApp

An anti-ban feature is also present in WhatsApp Plus MOD APK. This anti-ban feature won’t allow WhatsApp officials to ban your account permanently. This feature also enables you to recover your WhatsApp account.

Multiple Languages

It offers you access to multiple languages, including English, French, Chinese, Hindi, and many other languages. You can select any language as per your choice.

Privacy Features in Official Version

Hide blue tick and double tick: You can also hide blue tick and double tick to maintain privacy somehow.

Hide Status: You can hide your status updates from the people you want; however, you can still see their statuses despite doing that.

Conference Call (Audio & Video): You can also add up to 8 participants in a video call or audio call in WhatsApp Plus APK. While in original WhatsApp, you can’t add more than 4 people in video or audio calls.

Share large files: You can share large files or documents of up to 50 MBs through WhatsApp Plus. Whereas the original WhatsApp has 26 MBs files and document sharing options.

Pros of WhatsApp Plus APK

People who love customizations and advanced features must love this app, i.e., WhatsApp Plus. Some of the pros or positive attributes of WhatsApp Plus are as follows:

  • Hide your WhatsApp status: You can hide your WhatsApp status from whoever you want; also, you can show your status to selected contacts only. In the status setting, there is an option of showing status to the selected contacts or everyone. It’s up to you; you can choose according to your choice.
  • Customize theme: You can customize the theme of your choice as well. There are a variety of themes with different styles and colors.
  • Hide online status: A positive aspect of WhatsApp Plus is that you can hide online status so that you can use WhatsApp Plus without any interruption. If you’re online, it will not appear on others’ screens.
  • Freeze your last seen: By using WhatsApp Plus, you can also freeze your last seen, which means if you were online 6 minutes ago, you could set your last seen time as 6 or 7 hours ago, etc.
  • Notification when someone is online: If you are using WhatsApp Plus, you will get a notification when someone is online to chat with them.

These are some of the pros or good sides of WhatsApp Plus. There are a lot more pros of WhatsApp Plus. Some of them are discussed in the features also.

Cons of WhatsApp Plus

There are also some downsides or some drawbacks of WhatsApp Plus that are stated below.

  • Security issues: The modified version of WhatsApp, i.e., WhatsApp Plus, is not authentic and safe, which means it can leak your chats to third parties. So use this app carefully as it has security issues and it doesn’t assure your privacy.
  • Slow updates: One of the major drawbacks of this app is that you have to wait for new updates. Sometimes you have to wait for months for the new update to come.
  • Legal issues: Google Play Store didn’t have this app. So the app is either legal or not, and it is on pending. You can’t consider it legal or illegal.
  • These are some cons of WhatsApp Plus. Before downloading the app, make sure to look upon these cons.

How to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus?

It is a common question how to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus? The process is not difficult, you just have to follow some steps, and you can easily switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Backup original WhatsApp

Firstly you have to back up the data from the original WhatsApp. dr.fone and some other software might help you out for downloading or installing it on your device.

Step 2: Connect the device with PC

After downloading it on your PC, connect your device using a USB. Wait until the backup completes.

Step 3: Restore backup

Now restore the backup by selecting restore WhatsApp backup. After completion of the backup, you can view your previous data in WhatsApp Plus.

By following these super easy steps, you can easily switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus legal or not?


There is confusion regarding the legality of WhatsApp Plus. And it is not yet confirmed whether WhatsApp Plus is legal or illegal as it is not available on Google Play Store. To download WhatsApp Plus, you can click the button below.

Before using this app or before downloading this app, make sure to know about the cons and pros of WhatsApp Plus. One thing is for sure, which we have described above in the cons as well that WhatsApp Plus didn’t assure your privacy; it has security issues.

The app doesn’t contain any virus, but the authorities didn’t call it legal or illegal. You can call it a grey app which means it is not at all legal or illegal.

Differences between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus APK is somehow similar apps regardless of some advanced features present in the modified version and are absent in the official WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp has limited features, while WhatsApp Plus APK has advanced and modified, customized features.
  • Original WhatsApp is safe to use, whereas the modified version is not safe.
  • The modified version of WhatsApp leads to banning accounts, while the official WhatsApp is safe from banning.

Advanced setting

Some advanced settings of the modified version of WhatsApp are discussed below:

  • By using the modified version of WhatsApp, you can share high-quality images and files conveniently.
  • WhatsApp Plus MOD APK also allows you to lock your WhatsApp.
  • You can also customize your chat setting accordingly.
  • WhatsApp Plus enables you to customize your widgets.

WhatsApp Plus has many advanced features. If you are looking for advanced features and unique themes, and a large and high-quality file sharing app, this modified version called WhatsApp Plus MOD APK is for you. But before downloading this app, make sure you have read the pros and cons and know that the app is neither legal nor illegal.

All the cons, pros, features, how to download WhatsApp Plus, and all other features are discussed in this article. Download this app if you are fully satisfied, as the app has security issues. If you value security over advanced features, then this modified version is not for you. Regardless of this privacy issue, you will surely want to explore many other fantastic features, so try it out.