FMWhatsApp Download APK (Official Latest Version) 2022 – Anti Ban

Whatsapp is an essential messaging app that every smartphone user usually has on his or her phone. In the last few years, developers have developed so many modified WhatsApp messenger apps that work pretty well as compared to WhatsApp official. FM WhatsApp 2 is also an unofficial, but Modded WhatsApp that works great, unlike WhatsApp Official.

It has the most appealing features like anti-delete status stories, deactivating video calls, hide blue ticks even if you read the message, and much more. You can also message or call a person even if you have not saved their number in your contact list.

FM WhatsApp 2

Name FM Whatsapp 2
Compatible with Android 4.3+ & iPhone 5+
Last version (v20.51)
Developer My GB Apps
Rating 4.9/5
Price Free
Size 41 MBs
Mod Anti Ban, No Ads
Last Updated 2 Day Ago

How to install FMWhatsApp 2 APK?

Here is an easy step-by-step method for the successful installation of FM 2 WhatsApp. Follow all given instructions and enjoy using FMWhatsApp 2 APK.

Step 1: Download FM WhatsApp 2 on your Android phone.

Step 2: Enable the installation process from an unknown source after starting FM WhatsApp 2 download APK. If you are unaware of enabling settings, simply visit the phone settings > security section > permissions and enable the source.

Step 3: Locate the FM Whatsapp 2 downloaded file on your phone. Click on the install option and wait for the completion of the installation procedure.

Step 4: Now your app is installed, open it and create your account.

This is the 2nd version of FM Whatsapp APK which is also similar to GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp PLUS APK in terms of features, privacy policy and many anti ban features even for Android and iPhone.

FM WhatsApp 2 Features

FM WhatsApp 2 brings extraordinary features to facilitate its users. We will describe all features in the below section to help you decide to use this amazing app.

Anti-delete status stories

It is a fantastic feature of FM WhatsApp 2 APK that is not available on WhatsApp official. If any person of your contact uploads status and then removes it, it will not be removed from your status section if you are using FM WhatsApp 2. This feature of FM WA 2 will allow you to see deleted stories. The anti-delete story feature makes FM WhatsApp 2 APK download by more people.

Hide view status

FM WhatsApp 2 APK DownloadIt is also another important and unique feature of FM WhatsApp 2. Hide view status enables you to see other’s stories without letting them know. This feature is not available in any other WhatsApp modded version.


Everyone gets curious if someone sends you a message and then deletes it without letting you know. What you can do is only to read the statement “this message was deleted”. You will not be curious now because FM WhatsApp 2 APK has developed a new feature to read deleted messages. Anti-revoke helps you to read the messages even if the sender deletes them. The Anti-revoke feature works similarly to the anti-delete status.


On official WhatsApp blocking the contact number is the only solution to get rid of unwanted calls. But if you want to disable only calls, not messages,
then here is the solution. FM WA 2 APK has an advanced feature that only disables the unwilling calls without blocking the number.

Remove forward tags

FM WhatsApp 2 APK
has a feature that deletes the tags from forwarded messages, and the receiver never knows if he or she is receiving forwarded messages.

Hide Typing Text

Now it is possible to hide the status of your recording or typing while chatting with someone. It will completely hide your presence in the chatbox, and the
second party will consider you offline because FM WA 2 can also hide blue and double ticks.

Hide Double Tick

This feature of FM WhatsApp 2 allows you to hide the blue tick even if you see the message. The blue tick will appear only when you reply. This feature will enable you to hide your presence entirely, and no one will know that you are receiving or seeing their messages until you respond

Msg/Call Without Saving No

This feature allows you to send messages or calls to a person without saving their contact information. This feature helps when you want to text or call a person urgently for the first time.

Freeze Last Seen

You can pause your
last seen time and date by using this amazing feature of FM WhatsApp 2. Official WhatsApp users are unable to enjoy this feature.


FM WhatsApp 2
If you are getting bored of the same green color of WhatsApp Official from the very first day, then shift to this extraordinary new version of FM WA 2 and enjoy hundreds of different, attractive, and new sets of themes and colors.

You can choose your desired color for the icon and notification bar. It contains more than 100 types of themes. Improved customized themes give FM 2 more popularity.

User Interface

FMWhatsApp 2 has upgraded its old version FM WhatsApp for a better user interface. Now the interface appears in a better style and color.

Lock system

FM WhatsApp 2 APK has improved its security and lock system. Now you can easily lock your app and chats. The updated lock system works more efficiently than the old one.

Anti-ban policy

The anti-ban policy is improved in FM 2, which protects its users from account ban. It is the long-term policy of FM WA 2, so use the app with no fear.


The mode of DND is upgraded now. New FM WhatsApp 2 has a DND mode that will keep you away from the disturbance of text and calls notifications.

Media sharing

Upgraded FM WhatsApp 2 allows sharing original size and high-quality videos and images. It supports sharing videos of 50 MB instantly.

What’s New in FM WhatsApp 2?

Following are the updates that developers have made to FM WhatsApp 2.

  • You can opt for airplane mode in the app.
  • You can use Instagram stories as WhatsApp Status.
  • If you like someone’s status, you can download it on your device.
  • Again, you can save the profile picture of anyone; this feature was present initially but was not in some previous updates.
  • You can set your Online status to ‘Always’ even when you are away from your phone.


Following are the benefits of using FM WhatsApp 2 APK.

  • You can customize FM WhatsApp 2 and chose your desired themes, emojis, fonts, icons, and notification bar.
  • You can lock specific chats.
  • It is fast than other WhatsApp MODs.
  • There is a vast collection of themes available.
  • You can hide blue tick and double tick even if you have read the message.
  • You can text anyone or call them without the need to save their number.
  • It is an anti-ban MOD of WhatsApp.
  • You can see deleted status of your contacts.
  • You can Hide View Status while you see the status of your contacts.
  • The forward tag can be removed from messages that you forward from one chat to the other.
  • You can read the deleted messages without the other person knowing that you have read it.
  • You can disable calls from people who annoy you without blocking them.


Following are the disadvantages of using FM WhatsApp 2 MOD APK.

  • It is not an official variant of WhatsApp.
  • It is a third-party app.
  • Privacy and security are questionable.


The FM WhatsApp 2 latest version brings immersive features like anti-delete status, customization, and anti-revoke that amazed its users more than the old FM WhatsApp. Some of its features are the same as the old version, but they have upgraded in quality manners for the best experience. You can download its latest version from the button above. So try it out, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is FM WhatsApp 2 safe to use?

The FM WhatsApp 2 latest version available on this page is safe to use. There is no risk of using it on any of your devices. So download it and enjoy its amazing features without worrying.

How can I update FM WhatsApp 2 on my device?

You can download the latest version available of FM WhatsApp 2 by clicking the button ‘Download Latest Version of FM WhatsApp 2’. After that, install it on your device to enjoy its latest features.

Can my account get banned if I use FM WhatsApp 2?

No, FM WhatsApp 2 has an anti-ban feature, so WhatsApp officials will not ban you for using this MOD version.

Is it good to use FM WhatsApp APK?

It is the best MOD of WhatsApp available, so it is a good idea to use it. All of its features combine to offer a good user experience, and people love it.

How can I add stickers to FM WhatsApp 2?

You can download any of your favorite sticker packs from the web and add them to FM WhatsApp 2 by Allowing File Storage Permissions.

Can I hide my Online status in FM WhatsApp 2?

In your privacy settings, select ‘Nobody’ from the option ‘Last Seen’. You can also select specific people instead of the ‘Nobody’ option if you want to hide your Online status only from a few people. Besides, in FM WhatsApp 2, you can also freeze your Last Seen.

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