Download Fouad WhatsApp APK (Official) Updated 2022 – Anti Ban

Technology is changing the world. Communication ways change day by day for the people. Fouad WhatsApp works in every way to make your communication fast and easy. In Fouad WhatsApp APK, there are many exclusive features. It makes you feel comfortable in your privacy.

Here we will discuss every amazing feature of the modified app Fouad WhatsApp latest version. Nowadays, Fouad WhatsApp is becoming popular. Original WhatsApp has no exclusive features like these modified apps.

Fouad WhatsApp APK

Name Fouad WhatsApp APK
Compatible with Android 4.3+ & iPhone 5+
Last version 9.30F
Developer My GB Apps
Rating 4.9/5
Price Free
Size 34 MBs
Mod Anti Ban, No Ads
Last Updated 1 Day Ago

This modified application is a bit different from the original WhatsApp. There are different themes, customization forms, and many other options. There are many more benefits of Fouad MOD WhatsApp. In Fouad WhatsApp, you can save profile pictures of your contacts too.

There are similar apps named as GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus that contain extensive and comprehensive features regarding privacy policy, appearance status and many more.

Fouad WhatsApp APK provides change conversation styles, better privacy features, and different application features. This high-quality modified application comes with endless amazing features like voice note display and call blocker. It has an anti delete message feature too. In other words, if your sender deletes the message after sending it, you can read that without any difficulty. Fouad WhatsApp supports multiple languages for chatting.

This application has different features which amazed the user. It was developed by Fouad Molded, who also developed many other modified apps like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp.

How you can install Fouad WhatsApp on Android

You can download Fouad WhatsApp APK from the button below. For Fouad WhatsApp download procedure is so easy and simple. You just need to follow the steps below.

Installation Guide Step by Step

Step 1: First of all, download the Fouad WhatsApp by clicking on the button below. Move and check where you downloaded this file.

Step 2:  Enable “unknown sources” before installing the app. You can enable this by

  • Go to setting
  • Tap on security
  • Enable “unknown sources”
Now install the application on your device. Enter your mobile number and verify.

Step 3: When you start this app, make sure you take a backup of all data from your previous WhatsApp app.

Fouad WhatsApp is the best and amazing communication app. It comes with the latest updates and improvements. You must delete previous WhatsApp before installing the modified app. Fouad WhatsApp is a more appropriate modified app than GB or FM WhatsApp.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp APK

There are many options and features in Fouad WhatsApp APK.


In Fouad WhatsApp, you can change font style and size easily. You can also choose the background picture of your choice.

Change the display pictures

You can set special pictures for any conversation chat that makes your WhatsApp account so different from the original WhatsApp. You can change and apply different colors to the screen too.

Change the appearance of voice notes

You can also change the appearance of the voice notes bar, and it looks completely different from the one in the official WhatsApp.

Special feature

Fouad WhatsApp supports more than 100 worldwide languages. You can translate Brazilian to Portuguese. You can duplicate a new call. The user message content also works for the Arabic language.

Hide status, last seen, and gallery

In this modified app, you can show and hide your status to selective people. You can hide and freeze your last seen. You can hide media from the gallery and can download status and profile pictures too.

Do not disturb mode

Fouad WhatsApp provides this exclusive feature. You can change your active mode to do not disturb – Airplane mode. No one can disturb you through messages or calls. In the original app, there is no airplane mode feature.


You can secure your WhatsApp through pin code or pattern. No one can check your WhatsApp. You can also secure your chats individually by security code or pattern. It looks so comfortable, like an original app.

Send large files and more images

In Fouad MODs WhatsApp, you can send more than 30 pictures. But in the original WhatsApp application, you cannot send more than 30 images. In Fouad WhatsApp, you can send videos up to 1 GB, but in the original App, you can not send large files. You can edit, crop pictures at some points too.

Different emojis

Fouad WhatsApp APK privacy features

You can use different emojis, stickers, and Gifs. There are diverse kinds of emojis and sticker packs to use. This app is an emoji variant and also an anti-emoji variant.

Call blocker

You can add privacy like you can allow your favorite people to video call. In the original App, everyone can call you. Here you can block others from calling, not messages. These features are not present in the original app.

Forward icon

In Fouad WhatsApp, you can remove the forward icon from the message. In the original app, when we forward the message to someone, the forward tag shows and makes the message looks odd.

Other Features

Following are some other features of Fouad WhatsApp.

  • You can design your own theme with YoThemes Store.
  • Saved theme autonomously generate a ZIP file.
  • You can change the text size in messages (this feature does not work for Arabic).
  • The color option is hidden on Android 8.0+.
  • It shows a white status bar that crops the viewing image.
  • Yowidget does not show/work accurately for the Arabic language.
  • The loading themes have no permission to apply wallpaper.

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version

Tie with our website, and you will get the upgraded version of Fouad WhatsApp. Over time, the developers continued to update it to add other features and also bug fixes. The current and updated version of Fouad WhatsApp is 8.36. 

What’s new in the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp APK

Recently, Fouad WhatsApp was updated. Developers improved its features and fixed problems. This newly updated app makes chit chat better. You can use this application forever without any trouble.

In the new version, there is more option in themes and wallpaper. You can add many more people to one group, and you can chat easily.

Following are the new features that are unlocked in the Fouad WhatsApp APK 2022 update.

  • Yothemes store designs.
  • You can save themes and wallpaper automatically.
  • You can send messages without saving the contacts.
  • More privacy and security settings.
  • Send any type of file.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-Ban.
  • Date color on the main screen.
  • You can forward background screen color.
  • Do not disturb mode (DND).
  • More user-friendly.
  • Themes store is also available with numerous charming themes to give you more color convenience.
  • Updated privacy settings.
  • Now, you can send any type of file via Fouad WhatsApp.
  • You can share High-quality (HD) images of any size easily. 
  • Live preview of color customization.
  • You can now hide WhatsApp media from your device’s gallery.
  • Forward message’s icon and background color options.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between native WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is the modified (MOD) version of the original WhatsApp. The name of its developer is Fouad Makdad. It has numerous exciting general and privacy features than the original WhatsApp. You can even customize each and everything with this app. 

Does Fouad WhatsApp get baned by the officials?

No, Fouad WhatsApp is a 100% anti-ban and legal application. You can easily download it, install it and enjoy the latest features. 

Is Foud WhatsApp is safe to use?

All the chats of this app are end-to-end encrypted. However, it is a third-party application and can sell your data to others. So, use it at your own risk. 

Is it free to use Fouad WhatsApp?

The App is free to use. There is no need to pay anything to use any of its amazing features.

Can I use WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp at the same time on my phone?

Yes, you can use both Official WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp both simultaneously on your phone. All you have to do is to register two different mobile numbers on both Apps.

Is Fouad WhatsApp available for iOS devices?

No, Fouad WhatsApp is only available for Android devices. iOS users will have to wait until the developer launches its iOS version.

Fouad WhatsApp information

Here all important information about the Fouad WhatsApp app is present.

  • The version is 8.1.
  • The size of the latest Fouad WhatsApp APK is 52 MBs.
  • The minimum Android version required is 4.4.
  • It was updated on 4th November 2019.
  • More than ten million people use this app.
  • It is 12+ rated.


Recently, modified apps were banned from WhatsApp because official WhatsApp did not support third-party Apps. Modified apps are always downloaded by third parties. But now, Fouad WhatsApp APK is anti-banned. It is one of the best-modified communication applications. There are many customization options and features that you cannot find in other WhatsApp MODs. That’s why this MOD is getting more famous with time.

Try Fouad WhatsApp APK, and don’t forget to share your experience with us. Also, if you need some assistance, ask us in the comment section below.

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