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WhatsApp modes are becoming very popular day by day. It is because this chat application is evolving at a high pace. The developers create a modified version that provides awesome features. And people love to use these modes because the official WhatsApp app lacks those features. One of the best modes of WhatsApp is KM WhatsApp APK.

KM WhatsApp comes up with some new functions and options that give its users the best interface. Moreover, it has improved the management of your privacy. A variety of other interesting features like anti-ban and access to deleted messages also make it the most beloved application for chatting.

KM Whatsapp APK Download

Name KM WhatsApp APK
Compatible with Android 4.3+ & iPhone 5+
Last version V9.25
Developer My GB Apps
Rating 4.9/5
Price Free
Size 29 MBs
Mod Anti Ban, No Ads
Last Updated 1 Day Ago

You may also looking for different, but reliable Privacy features that you can get in GB Whatsapp APK as well in Whatsapp Plus whether on Android or iPhone even in 2022.

How to Download KM WhatsApp APK on Android?

Those who are interested in KM WhatsApp and want to download it should follow some steps. Firstly, keep in mind, the KM WhatsApp APK file is not available at Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. So, you will need to download it by clicking the button below. For installation, follow the steps below.

  • Download: Remember that some sites are offering the wrong APK files. So, go for the authentic one. Download the KM WhatsApp APK file via the “DOWNLOAD BUTTON” below.
  • Open: After downloading and installing, open the KM WhatsApp Application. At the very start, you will see some terms and conditions. Check the “Agree and Continue” option. This way, you will agree to all the policies of the developers.
  • Register a Number: After that, the app will require a number on which you want to register. So, simply enter the phone number and register it. A verification code will be sent to that number. Verify it and click “Next”.

How to download KM WhatsApp on PC?

You can also download KM WhatsApp on your PC. Before that, download BlueStacks or any other Android Emulator on your PC and install it. After that, come back to this page and click on the ‘Download KM WhatsApp for PC’ button. Install it on your PC and enjoy its amazing features on the big screen.

Profile Info

After verification, simply complete your profile info. For example, enter your name and set a profile photo.

Now your KM WhatsApp APK is ready to use.

Features of KM WhatsApp APK

KM WhatsApp APK is a somewhat different MOD from others. The features provided by this MOD are unique. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Anti Ban

Unlike other MODs and APK files, KM WhatsApp owns anti-ban features. This feature prevents your WhatsApp from any type of ban. The reason behind banning is commonly due to untrusted developers. The APK files from these untrusted creators are not safe and can also result in data loss. So WhatsApp official bans the users that register to such WhatsApp MOds.

In that regard, KM WhatsApp is a better option as it has anti-ban characteristics.

Hide Online Status

Some users want to get rid of their online status. Well, this option is unavailable on the official WhatsApp. But KM WhatsApp can allow you to hide your online status.

For this, go to the WhatsApp privacy menu. Simply activate the “Last Seen Freeze” option. The online status will be removed. Moreover, the last seen on WhatsApp will also disappear.

View Deleted Chats and Status

The most exciting feature of KM WhatsApp is to view the deleted chats. Unlike official WhatsApp, you can see any type of message, including photos and videos from your friends.

To activate this feature, go to the WhatsApp privacy menu. There, check the “Anti-Delete Message” option.

Besides viewing deleted chats, you can also view removed Status. If any person in your contacts has deleted his/her status, this MOD will allow you to see it. For this, just activate the “Anti-Wipe Status” from the privacy menu.

Plus, if you want to remove your name from the list of persons who have viewed the status, select the “Hide Appearance Status”. No one will be notified when you see their status.

Hide Typing Status

With KM WhatsApp, it is also possible to hide the typing status. With this, the person you are chatting with will not be notified that you are typing the reply. The message will be sent directly.

Well, it is also easy. From KMWhatsApp’s Privacy menu, select “Contact”. There, just check the “Hide Typing” option.

Lock Chat

This amazing MOD of WhatsApp also features a lock chat function. With this, the user can lock any secret or personal chat. Moreover, you can select any lock type like passcode, pattern, or fingerprint.

Just choose the chat you want to lock. On the upper right, tap the dot option and select “Key to Conversation”. Afterward, choose the password type and enter. The chat will be locked.


The KM WhatsApp owns a cool look with eye-catching themes. But if the user is still not satisfied with it, just change it. Unlike other MODs, it allows you to change the WhatsApp wallpaper and change different themes.

Additionally, you can also download themes not owned by KM WhatsApp. There are a large number of themes present online in KM WhatsApp.

To change the theme, go to “Settings”. On the front page, select the “Theme” menu. If the desired theme is not available there, simply download from the “Download Theme” option and then click “Install”. A dialog box will appear; click “Ok”.

BOOM Text Feature

It is another exciting feature included in KM WhatsApp. With this feature, you can send messages with the same content repeatedly. In detail, if the user wants to send a message impatiently and constantly, he will need to type it once but can send it as much as he wants.

To enjoy this feature, you need to click a bomb icon in the chat. Just type the message and set the number of times you want to send that message. After that, click “Send”.

Changing Running Text

On the very front page of KM WhatsApp, there is a running text. It also makes KM WhatsApp quite unique. So, if the user does not like that text, he can simply change it. It is the advantage of this MOD that you can do multiple display customization with ease.

You can change the walking text on the front page by going to the “Settings” menu. In that section, tap the “Change Running Text” option. After that, click on the “Fill in the Running Text”. Now, you can type the sentence or word you want to display in the running text. Lastly, click “Okay”.

Translate Messages

It is one of the most useful features in KM WhatsApp. The messages can be translated easily from one language to another without any detailed procedures. This feature is the most liked feature due to which users give high ratings to the developers. 

Elimination of Falling Water effect

A falling water effect appears at the start of the KM WhatsApp application; you can also eliminate it. For this purpose, you have to follow the steps below. 

Step No 1: Open the settings menu

Step No 2:  Select the MOD++ menu

Step No 3: There are two option available now

Seen Removed Status 

This application provides a different feature to the user, but this feature is essential as it shows removed and delete status. To see these statuses, users should follow these steps.

To show the removed status user should active the Anti-Wipe option to see the removed status.


The KM WhatsApp is the updated MOD APK in which users can choose the auto-reply option. In this feature, the application will send an auto-reply to anyone who sends you a message. This feature sends those words as an auto-reply that the user will select. 

Story saver  

This feature is available in all WhatsApp APKs, but KMWA APK application, there is an updated option available. It enables users to download the story and share the story directly with other persons without downloading it. KM WhatsApp also provides another option in which users will be able to copy the status caption.

Media sharing

In KM WhatsApp, users can share a different type of data with their contacts worldwide.

Picture Sharing: In this MOD APK, users can send from 1 to 90 images to their contacts simultaneously.

Video Sharing: In KM WhatsApp, users can send the video to their contacts up to 30 MBs.

What’s New in KM WhatsApp?

  • Emojis changer.
  • KM WhatsApp supports all types of documents such as pdf, Xls, txt, doc, ppt, vcard, xlsx, txt, RTF, doc, ppt, and zip files.
  • This APK hides the name and data when the user is copying the other user’s chat.
  • Users can see media without downloading.
  •  Add background color in stories.
  • 16 tick style available.
  • 14 bubbles style available.
  • Six types of IG story styles available.
  • Add light and dark mod of theme.
  • The backup option is available when the application expires.
  • 3D transition is available.
  • Share sticker status.


Now you know the features of KM WhatsApp and the procedure for how to activate these features. We have also instructed you on how to download KMWhatsApp APK. For users who are bored with the official app of WhatsApp can switch to this MOD to enjoy amazing features. So try it out; it will be fun.

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