NSWhatsApp APK Download V9.1 Latest 2021 (Official) – Anti Ban

NSWhatsApp APK is a widely known chatting application worldwide. With more than 1 billion downloads, it is a useful social application as it has so many similar characteristics compared to the original WhatsApp.

There are some confidentiality policies and limitations related to official WhatsApp. e.g., on official WhatsApp, you can only share data up to 16 MBs, but in NSWhatsApp, you can share data up to 1 GB. NSWhatsApp provides us useful features such as privacy protection. It is a particular application that linked many people of the world altogether. NSWhatsApp APK Official has many other features such as new themes, fonts, and auto-response. We will discuss all of them in more detail in the following section.

Official Information

The other name of NSWhatsApp3d.Apk is GB WhatsApp. Its original file size is 45.04 MBs which is the latest version of 2021. In this updated application, you can download or save the status of others in your device storage too.

You can also try GB Whatsapp or Whatsapp Plus in order to use most secured and unlimited privacy features of Whatsapp.


A minimum of Android version 4.0.3 is required to install NS WhatsApp on your device. 


There are many latest updated features present in NSWhatsApp APK, which are different from WhatsApp’s original variant. Before using this App, you should know many other options that make chatting on WhatsApp fun for you. Let’s know all of its exciting features in detail.


This APK is anti-ban. No limitations will occur on your account over the usage of this application by WhatsApp’s protection policies. This NS WhatsApp APK is considered the safest app for smartphones and any other devices.

Quick Updates

The NSWhatsApp is updated when it is connected to the internet after an update is launched. No conventional steps are required to update this application.


NSWhatsApp provides a lot of different themes which can change the NS Whatsapp APK’s style completely. You can customize the icons, background image, and color. In this version, you can customize the themes as per your requirements.


Many font options are built-in in your phones, but NSWhatsApp provides lots of font color, size, and design options. This feature made this application stand out from others.

Video status 

In the original variant of WhatsApp, you can upload only a 30-second video on the status. If you have a larger one, you have to cut it into short clips of 30 seconds and then upload on the status individually. But in NSWhatsApp, you can upload 7 minutes videos as status without dividing them into short clips.

Auto Response

In this application, you can arrange your responses easily. When sending the message, you can choose a specific date and time when you want to send it. The APK file will send the message to the user at the given time after you schedule it. This type of feature is beneficial for business deals.

Media Sharing

In the original version of WhatsApp, we can share the audio media files up to to the size of 10 MBs. But in NSWhatsApp, we can transfer audio files up to the size of 300 MBs. In the case of video files, NSWhatsApp can share video documents up to the size of 1 GB. With this NSWhatsApp APK, users can share more than 90 pictures as compared to the original variant of WhatsApp that allows sharing only 30 photos in one go.

Privacy Options

There are many privacy options present in NSWhatsApp. Here you can exclude your status, last seen, and message delivery marks also. You can also hide the typing option in this application, which shows under the username while chatting.

Interface Design

You can completely customize this application. It means that you can change the design, chat color, app thumbnail, and notification bar as per your desire. All the desired options are available for the user.


The NSWhatsApp APK file consists of many emojis which are not offered by the original version of WhatsApp. You can send many different Emojis, Stickers, and Gifs which may not be visible to your friends, those using official WhatsApp. By using this feature, you can customize your chatting style to something unique.

Lock Specific Chats

In this application, you can secure your particular chats and conversation by generating passwords and patterns. By using this feature, you can easily save your private chats from other people that may reach your WhatsApp.

Backup and Restore

This feature is incredibly useful if you often try various WhatsApp modded applications. The NSWhatsApp backup and restore permits you to control your entire App’s data and move to any other alternate modded WhatsApp. You can backup and restore the themes that you have adjusted. Moreover, you can also save your data backup to Google Drive and sync it.

Customized Conversation Area

In NSWhatsApp, you have an absolute command to customize the whole conversation area. With the accessible styles, you can pick any that delights you. You can alter the look and position of each icon in the conversation area. Throughout, there are several styles and options for call icon, camera icon, location, contact, emoji, etc. 

Legal Application

The most important thing about NS WhatsApp is that it is an Anti-Ban app. It did not receive any copyright strike from the officials or any other WhatsApp application. It is in the grey list. You can use it without considering it illegal. 

Send Images in Bulk

In the official WhatsApp, you were allowed to send only 30 images at a time. You can now send 90 pictures at a time without any restriction or delay. You do not need to worry about the image quality or size; just select images you want to send and click on the send button. 


NSWhatsApp has a fantastic feature called Auto-answer. Just put the numbers in the grey list of auto-answer, and it will automatically start attending the calls. You can use this mode for all the contacts. This feature is beneficial when you drive or work and want to listen to the calls without interacting with the mobile phone.

Translation in Different Languages

For translation, you need to copy the text and then go to your browser or any app to translate it into another language. NSWhatsApp has resolved your problem. Currently, you can translate your messages from one language to another without going to another app or browser. 

Installation Method

NS WhatsApp MOD APK is very easy to install. It is not available on the Google Play Store as it is a third-party App. But you do not need to worry about its downloading because below is the download button for NSWhatsApp.

How to Download & Install NS WhatsApp APK

You just need to follow simple following steps and will help you in downloading and installing the latest APK of NSWhatsapp on Android and iPhone.

  • Click the Download NS WhatsApp APK button.  
  • Before downloading this application, you have to allow the permissions to download from unknown sources from the device settings. 
  • You can find the NSWhatsApp APK file in the Downloads folder of your device after it is downloaded. Now launch this application and make your account. Select your privacy and feature accordingly and enjoy this application. 


Here we have described some updated features of NSWhatsApp, which are not available in any other WhatsApp MOD. All features of NSWhatsApp APK are amazing. You can download this App by steps that are discussed in this article. Download NS WhatsApp MOD APK on any Android device and enjoy its features. Don’t forget to comment here about features you like the most in this app; your feedback matters a lot.


Is NSWhatsApp is safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. All of your data is encrypted or leakproof. The developers provide you a very secure platform for conversation. You can also read about the privacy policy and data protection on their official website. 

Why is NSWhatsApp not working on my mobile?

There can be various reasons for the app not working correctly. The most common solution is to restart your phone and reinstall the app. This act resolves 90% of significant problems. 

Is NS WhatsApp compatible with iOS?

Sorry to say that it is not available for iOS. However, the developers will soon launch their iOS version too. Hope for the best. 

How to update NS WhatsApp?

As it is a MOD (modified) APK, you will not automatically receive the updates like Google Play Apps. You have to check back our website often. Check for the latest version, then install and enjoy. 

Can I use original WhatsApp and NSWhatsApp at the same time?

Yes, you can use both apps at the same time. The phone numbers of official WhatsApp and NS WhatsApp are different. So, you can easily use them side by side without any interruption. 

Will my number get banned if I use NSWhatsApp?

No, NSWhatsApp is an anti-ban MOD App. It means that it has anti-ban features that restrain WhatsApp Officials from banning your number.

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