TM WhatsApp APK Download (Updated) 2022 – Official & Anti Ban

We bring you another exciting MOD of the time that is TM WhatsApp. It is an exclusive version of your WhatsApp that provides you with additional features such as privacy, multiple contacts list, and an ad-free experience for its users.

The TM WhatsApp app is a modified version of WhatsApp. It combines WhatsApp Plus, Yo WhatsApp, and GB WhatsApp into one app. Every individual in the world needs to be connected to others. For this reason, they are always on the lookout for a smartphone application that can offer the best functionality available.

TM Whatsapp APK for Android and iphone latest version

Technical Information

TM WhatsApp is a revised version of the FMWA MOD. It is suitable for those who demand additional functions. The size of the application is approximately 40 MBs and supports Android and Windows devices. This ultimate application is free of cost, and it offers exciting features to its users.


This application is easy to use and update, and it produces excellent results while taking up minimal storage space on your device. The user interface of TMWhatsApp is both appealing and outstanding. It’s a simple app to use, and many of the features and options are simple to understand and suitable for meeting new demands.

TM Whatsapp APK Specifications

Name TM Whatsapp APK
Compatible with Android 4.3+ & iphone 5+
Version Last version
Developer My GB Apps
Rating 4.9/5
Price Free
Size 40 MBs
Mod Anti Ban, No Ads
Last Updated 1 Day Ago

Titus Mukisa created this edition, which included a dark mode option. This app adds many of the new features and resources that official WhatsApp lacks. It is one of the most influential and highly favored messaging applications available.

However, this app is updated every week with high-quality features along with robust security options. The majority of individuals like this version due to its efficient safety and security options.

If you want to download it now, scroll down and tap the download button without any second thought in mind. You will enjoy this version as it offers a fluent flow of features that in demand nowadays.

There are different modified APKs of Whatsapp including GB Whatsapp Delta and Whatsapp MIX that offer same features in android & iphone and they are easy to download and install. You may also like those once after reading their features.

Features of TM WhatsApp APK

TM WhatsApp has a lot of valuable features and services. A few of the features are taken from WhatsApp’s official app, and others are brand new. This application aimed to give users complete control over their devices. If you are ready to explore the exclusive features of the app, let’s dig into it.


TM Whatsapp Privacy Features

The primary focus of the app is on the privacy of its user. The status is a personal choice to whom you want to show. And now it is possible to show your status to the desired contacts. You can select the proposed contacts, and they will be able to see your status updates. You may also silence the state of a single person if you don’t want to see it.

Audios capacity

The audio size is limited to a few MBs in some versions of WhatsApp. The TMWhatsApp resolves the issue as it allows you to send the audio of up to 100 MBs.

Status copy

Copying someone’s status is not allowed by the official WhatsApp. For this purpose, you have to download some other application, which takes your device’s storage space. Now, if you want to get rid of such applications, you can download TMWhatsApp to enjoy copying your friend’s status within the app.


Ad-supported apps use higher bandwidth. Unlike other MODs, this MOD is entirely ad-free, saving over 45 percent of the mobile data bundles (MBs). Now you can enjoy an ad-free experience with this MOD and make your conversations legit.


Customization &Settings of TM Whatsapp in Mobile

TMWhatsApp MOD app allows you to customize the app’s user interface to your liking. There are more than 50 themes that you can try. You can also use new themes that you’ve downloaded. Besides, you can customize the UI with gorgeous animation, color, and design.


When you are busy and don’t have enough time to respond to your friend’s messages, you can pre-set any answer for a group of people. An automated response is sent to them if they text you. It is only possible by downloading TMWhatsApp MOD APK now to save your time.

Send messages to multiple contacts

Now you can send several messages to a large number of people. This application allows you to send a single message to several contacts as a forward message without the forward tag appearing at the message’s top.

Video status limit

The original variant of WhatsApp allows uploading 30-second video as a status, but TM WhatsApp allows uploading up to 1-minute video as a status. So now there is no need to break the video into parts if you want to upload it as your status.

Hidde chats 

In this MOD APK, user can hide their private chats and messages from other persons. This feature is important for business deals and other personal purposes. 


In TM WhatsApp, many attractive new and stylish themes are available that you can apply free of cost. To use these theme, users have to download these themes and then install to TMWA.  

Document sharing

The updated TM WhatsApp MOD APK can send more than 100 documents at the same time to other contacts. However, the user can only send 30 documents files to the other persons in the original WhatsApp. 

Images sharing

Users can share more than 100 images with other friends in this application compared to the original WhatsApp. In original WhatsApp, only 30 pictures can be share at a time.


The use of TM WhatsApp is very easy. There are no technical skills required to use this application. Its use is similar to the original variant of WhatsApp.

Story style  

This updated feature is also available in this application in which user can upload story which appears as in Instagram style. So if you don’t like the original WhatsApp story style and love Instagram’s story style, TM WhatsApp is for you.

Background options 

In this updated MOD APK application, users can replace the background from any image on their devices. You can set the background as the picture of your loved ones too.

Color changer

 In this application, another feature is available, which is used to change the header, background, and status bar colors. This way, you can altogether customize your WhatsApp.

Hide Media

In this updated variant, another feature is available in which users can hide their media; also, the media will not be saved in the device’s gallery. 


In this TM WhatsApp, users can restore complete data when this application is updated.

Unique Animation Effect  

TM WhatsApp contains many unique animation effects such as Bubbles, Leaf, Flowers, Diamond, and Water. These effects attract people to download this application. 

Group Creation

In this updated application, an important feature is available in which users can make unlimited chat groups and join unlimited chat groups, business groups, and entertaining groups.

What’s New in TM WhatsApp APK?

Following are the features that are part of TM WhatsApp after the latest update.

  • New font styles
  • Chat lock 
  •  Chat Name Changer 
  •  Low data usage option available

How to install or download TMWhatsApp APK

If you want to download TMWhatsApp, you have to follow the steps below. They are very much easy.

  • Step 1: First, click on the button below.
  • Step 2: Download the TMWhatsApp APK by allowing permission.
  • Step 3: When the download completes, go to your phone file manager.
  • Step 4: Allow the installation from unknown sources and install the MOD.
  • Step 5: After the installation completes, open the app and enjoy!


Can I download the TMWhatsApp app on my PC?

Yes, this app is downloadable on your PC also. You have to follow the process of downloading and get this application on your PC successfully.

Is it the latest version of the TMWhatsApp?

Yes, it is the latest version of the app, and further, it is entirely free to use. You can enjoy all the features which the original WhatsApp does not offer.

Is it safe to use TMWhatsApp?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use. Enjoy the high-profile privacy and give yourself relief from using this application.

Can I Use Both WhatsApp And TMWhatsApp at the same time?

Yes, you can use both applications at the same time. But there is one thing that you need to consider: the number should be different for each WhatsApp.

What are the features of this application?

The primary features are Ad-free, privacy, copy status, apply any theme customization, send messages to multiple contacts, and much more.

Will my WhatsApp account ban if I use this version?

No, this version is authentic and anti-ban. You can use it without any fear of getting an account ban.


The TMWhatsApp is an excellent application for those individuals who are having concerns about privacy policy. This version ensures its users that the entire data will be safe and secured without any third-party involvement. However, in terms of consumer reviews, this application has received positive feedback, with users reporting that they have never experienced any privacy concerns.

Furthermore, it is secure and reliable, and it safeguards data in the same manner as the original WhatsApp does.

It is an excellent chatting application, and it is used by billions of people worldwide; customers want more customization, and other functions and developers are offering them with each update. So try it out to make your chatting fun.

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