WhatsApp Go APK Download V0.20.198 (Official) 2021 – Updated

In the world of technology, WhatsApp is a faster app to communicate. You can easily send messages and files to each other. There are many modified apps from the original WhatsApp. Modified apps like WhatsApp Go APK have unlimited features to use and enjoy. Whatsapp Go MOD APK is even better than Whatsapp Plus and GB Whatsapp on the behalf of features and anti-ban safety.

WhatsApp Go APK aims to improve the services of the official app, which is considered trustworthy for sending files and messages. However, the official app is considered the most downloaded messaging app in the world. With this app, the user can hide double ticks and also see the deleted messages. WhatsApp GO allows the users to send large-size videos and files in groups. While on the other hand, through the DND (Do Not Disturb) option, the user can use the internet on his mobile without annoying Whatsapp notifications.

Information of Whatsapp Go APK v0.20.198

Name Whatsapp Go
Compatible with Android 4.3+ & iphone 5+
Last version 0.20.198
Developer My GB Apps
Rating 4.9/5
Price Free
Size 44 MB
Mod Anti Ban, No Ads
Category Messaging

This app has the capacity of 30 MB sending video size and can attach 90 images, while on the other hand, you can send only 16 MB video and 30 pictures through the WhatsApp official. This modified version of WhatsApp allows the voice or video call with up to 8 participants. Its unlimited features and updates made this app more interesting, and people like it due to its privacy function.

How to download and install WhatsApp Go APK

You can Download WhatsApp GO’s new version from the button below. Modified apps are not available at the Play Store, but you can download it here. Before the installation of WhatsApp Go APK, you must uninstall the original version.

  • First of all, download the file from the download button below.
  • Go to your mobile setting enable the option “Unknown Sources”.
  • Then click on install; after installing, open the app.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter the specific code.
  • And continue to agree on all the privacy terms and conditions.

Features of WhatsApp Go APK

There are many features of WhatsApp Go APK. These unique features attract people to use this app. Here we will discuss all features of WhatsApp Go APK.

Privacy MOD

WhatsApp GO is popular due to its privacy feature. This APK app manages your privacy. You can hide your last seen; no one can see your last seen. You can also freeze your last seen. No one can call you if you don’t allow it. But, you can see others last seen.

Hide recording and typing status
WhatsApp Go allows you to hide your typing and recording status from the person you are chatting with. But you can see others typing and recording status.

Double tick privacy
In WhatsApp GO, if you hide your double tick and somebody sends you a message, he will not know if you are online.

Hide status view
WhatsApp GO provides the hide status view option; through this option, you can see the status of your contacts without knowing them.

Ban Proof
In many cases, WhatsApp Official banned other WhatsApp versions. To get rid of this trouble, WhatsApp Go APK has ban-proof features that offers100% safe and secure results against banning from WhatsApp officials.

When your phone is connected to WiFi or mobile data, you can disconnect your WhatsApp GO from the internet due to this feature. When you are connected to your internet on mobile, DND mode prevents the disturbance by WhatsApp notification.

Ability to download status/stories
With the help of WhatsApp GO, you can download status uploaded from your friends. This feature is unavailable on the original WhatsApp.

Image sending limit

You can send 90 images using this WhatsApp Go APK, which was not possible by using the WhatsApp official. So this app is considered very beneficial. In the original version, you can just send 30 images.

Video sending limit
Here is the best WhatsApp Go MOD, which can share a 30 MB large video size. Peoples find issues sending large files through official WhatsApp, but WhatsApp Go MOD has a large sending video capacity.

Call the non-added number
When we use WhatsApp official, we can not make calls without adding numbers to our contact list. But that is not the case with WhatsApp Go MOD APK. Through this app, you can send a message or a call to a person who is not on your contact list.

Hide last seen
WhatsApp official also can hide last seen, but the WhatsApp Go version enables you to check others’ last seen without letting them know your last seen.

Check the deleted messages
Through this latest version, users can also check the messages that others have deleted.

WhatsApp Go emojis
You need to find the change or icon update on WhatsApp GO. Firstly, uninstall the already available overly packages, then set a new emoji pack from the set given. Press the build option and then enable it. After installing the overlay, you need to reboot it.

WhatsApp GO themes
In WhatsApp GO, search the settings. Here press the option “download themes”. Go download and select your themes. Press the Apply button, and then Ok.

WhatsApp GO languages
In WhatsApp Go, press the more options button. Move to the settings and then chat. Here open the App languages. Select the language you want. It supports Mexico, Turkey, Spanish, and many others.

Upgraded Video & Audio Calls

In the previous version of WhatsApp Go and original WhatsApp, you were allowed to group call with only 5 participants. At present, you can do conference calls (Video or Audio) with up to 8 participants using WhatsApp Go APK. With this feature, you can enjoy video calling with your friends, family or even can do meetings with your employees. 

Pin More Chats

If you have too many chats and feel irritated finding the chat every time by scrolling in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Go always takes care of you. With WhatsApp Go, you can pin 25 conversations instead of 3 chats. 

What’s New in WhatsApp Go APK?

Following are the new features that are unlocked in the latest version of WhatsApp Go APK.

  • You can hide the date and name when you are coping with the messages.
  • You can hide the forward tag from the message.
  • Other modified apps are banned due to privacy issues, but it is ban proof. You can use this app without any problem.
  • It has more improvements than other modified apps.
  • You can block others from video calls. It has a custom call blocker. You can choose from your contacts who can call you.
  • It has preview options where you can check messages or stickers before sending.
  • It has been updated to a new stable base update
  • Capability to copy the narrative (text) from any status. The procedure is pretty simple. Just click on the caption of status for one time to copy it directly. If you want to copy some part of the status, press and hold for a moment, it will show you the selection bar. Select your favorite lines from the caption and press copy. 
  • Currently, you can check the preview of the stickers before sending them. 
  • Now, you can choose your privacy settings on your own via custom privacy settings. 
  • You can set all the privacy settings to default settings just in one click. 
  • Revamped User Interface (UI), it’s about 80% similar to the STOCK. 
  • Speed enhancement & other bug fixes. 
  • Fixed “Enable to open” error for some devices. 
  • Many users complained about the “Force Close” errors of this app on their Android phones. The developer has successfully resolved this issue. At the moment, ‘Force Close’ pop-ups will not annoy you anymore. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of WhatsApp Go APK

Nothing is perfect in this world, so we can’t say that this product/service is 100% beneficial. Similarly, every mobile application has its pros and cons. Here, we are sharing some significant benefits and drawbacks of WhatsApp Go APK.


  • Improved and custom privacy features. 
  • You can hide the recording or typing icon to whom you are chatting. 
  • Complete control on blue tick, single, and double tick privacy. 
  • You can show/hide your status for all contacts or any individual contact. 
  • It’s a legal app. 
  • You can activate/deactivate the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. 
  • Extended image sending limit up to 90 images in one go. 
  • You can do video or audio calls with 8 participants at a time. 
  • Hide/Show the last seen. 
  • You can send countless emojis to make your chat spicier with your friends (updated emojis library).
  • Multi-language option and much more. 


  • It’s a third-party app; it can be Banned anytime. 
  • They can use your personal data for research or other purposes, so we recommend you don’t share your personal stuff here, such as ID cards, property documents, private pictures, and so on. 
  • We are not 100% sure, but they can sell your data to any third party without letting you know. 


WhatsApp Go is one of the best versions of WhatsApp APK. It has a lot of features that a user can use and can get more benefits. The application is awesome and ban-proof. WhatsApp GO has a fresh feature like seeing deleted messages. It has more privacy features than other modified versions. Try it, and you will surely love it.


What is the dissimilarity between original WhatsApp and WhatsApp Go?

WhatsApp is the native mobile communication app by Facebook, and WhatsApp Go is the modified (MOD) version of the official WhatsApp with enhanced features and an improved user interface. 

What is the latest version of WhatsApp Go?

The upgraded version of WhatsApp Go is v0.20.113L. A more updated version is under working to give you more user-friendly characteristics. 

Does WhatsApp Go run in iOS/iPhone?

Sorry to say that WhatsApp Go is not compatible with the iOS operating system. Developers are working on it; soon, they will launch its iOS version. 

Can we use WhatsApp Go on our PC?

Yes, you can run WhatsApp Go on your personal computer. Just check the specification of your PC and install an Android Emulator according to that to run on PC. 

Is WhatsApp compatible with macOS?

No, it is still not compatible with macOS. Even if you run it with some emulator, it does not work accurately on the MacBook.

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