WhatsApp Gold APK Download (Official) Updated Version 2021 – Anti Ban

WhatsApp Gold APK is an exceptional application used for conversation. The features like anti-revoke, pausing last seen, auto-reply, and message scheduler are built to ensure the easy use of this exceptional messaging app. Using this amazing conversation app, you will find it better than any other social media gossip corner.

WhatsApp Gold amazingly attaches and connects you with your friends and family and gives you access to different themes. You are not annoyed by useless ads while chatting with your peers.

Whatsapp Gold APK 2021 modified version

Settings of official WhatsApp do not affect the latest version of WhatsApp Gold APK. Gold WhatsApp came up with unique modified features, so it was downloaded more than 20 million times in 2017. Its popularity is increasing day by day as developers try to make it stand out from other competing WhatsApp APKs.

There are many similar modified messaging applications (for Android/iPhone) to Whatsapp, that can also impress you instantly on the behalf of their features regarding privacy, automation, permission of file sharing sizes and many more. Those APKs include Whatsapp Plus, GB Whatsapp APK and Whatsapp Prime APK, they are easy to download and install on any device, does not matter whether Android or Apple’.

Technical Info

Name  WhatsApp Gold / WA Gold
Genre Apps / Plus Apps
Developer Team GB
Last updated 2 December 2020
Current version  v8.51
Downloads  5,000,000+
File Size 45.09 MB

How to install WhatsApp Gold APK?

If you are not aware of how to download the WhatsApp Gold app, then follow the important steps given below and enjoy using the WhatsApp Gold APK. Before installing the WhatsApp Gold version, the most important thing is that you need to keep in your mind to backup your data from official WhatsApp before uninstalling it.

Step 1: Click on the download option of WhatsApp Gold APK from the button below.

Step 2: Click on the download WhatsApp Gold option, and it will start downloading on your device.

Step 3: During the installation of the app, if you get any notification, then click on allow option. It allows your device to download and install files from Unknown sources other than Play Store.

Step 4: After that, you will see an option to copy WhatsApp data, click on it and then sign in to your account.

Step 5: In this step, you will see the option of restore. It is to restore your chat data. Click on it and open the plus button to customize your app completely.

Installation Requirements 

  • The minimum Android requirement is 4.0 or above.
  • Give permission “Allow Unknown Sources” from the mobile settings. 

Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

Here is the list of immersive features of Gold WhatsApp that makes it attractive to use for conversation as compared to official WhatsApp.

Privacy and security settings

It has more advanced security settings and privacy checks than the official WhatsApp. These include:

Whatsapp Gold Privacy Setting

Hide online status
You can hide your online status and online activities from everyone. Its advanced privacy feature allows you to hide your last seen from other WhatsApp users without disabling you to see other’s last seen.

Hide second ticks or blue ticks
It also has a feature that allows you to hide blue tick even if you see the incoming messages. It also hides the double tick of receiving messages; the sender will not know that you have received his or her message.

Hide recording and typing status
You can hide your typing status from the person you are chatting with. You can also hide your recording status from that person while recording a voice message.

Other Prominent Features

Disable internet
It has a default option that disconnects you from the internet even if your internet connection is on.

Anti Revoke specialty
Anti Revoke feature does not allow the sender to delete the message at your end. You can still see the message if the second party deleted it.

Message scheduler
You can schedule your messages according to your desired date and time. So if you want to wish someone Happy Birthday and feel you will forget it, schedule this message using WhatsApp Gold APK.

Messages backup and restore
WhatsApp Plus Gold edition has a feature to restore and backup all the deleted messages as titanium backup. Titanium backup is considered the best tool for backup on an Android phone. So, WA Gold works like this tool.

Pause last seen
WhatsApp Gold latest version, APK enables its users to freeze their last online updates. It means you can set your last seen date and time and then pause it.

Auto Reply
You can set your frequent messages in the text section and enjoy the auto replay feature of WhatsApp Gold luxury.

Privacy to lock separate chat or complete app

This extraordinary chat app allows you to lock your whole app or certain chats.

Anti-Ban policy

The anti-ban policy is the latest feature of WhatsApp Gold modified in March 2020. According to this feature, the official WhatsApp cannot ban you from using WhatsApp Gold. This policy also protects you from reporting by fake people.

  • Enables to use multiple themes and colors: A lot of themes are available in store. You are allowed to select one of your favorites themes and colors.
  • Customization: You can customize your conversation screens, widgets, and popup notification using WhatsApp Gold APK.
  • Changeable chat and tick style, launcher icon: You can easily change your chat and font styles, tick styles, and icons.
  • Shows online even if the app is closed: It is an amazing feature that keeps you online even if you are not on this app or closed this app already.
  • Enable to select the video player: WA Gold also allows you to select your favorite video player tool.

Send large files
WA Gold allows you to send large files easily to another person. You cannot do this on official WhatsApp as the limit to send files is 16 MB.

Sending limitations

Whatsapp Gold No restrictions over file sizesIt allows you to exchange media content or messages with so many people. WhatsApp Gold allows you to send pictures, videos, or audios to more than 200 people at a time. In the official WhatsApp, you can send something to only five people at once.

Home Screen Background
You are allowed to change your home screen background. The pixel resolution of the image should be 540 x 840.

Disable voice calls
It allows you to disable the voice calls if someone is frequently annoying you. You can disable the voice calls that will inhibit the people from contacting you through voice calls.

Enables group calls
It allows its users to connect with friends and family via group calls. It allows its users to add as many people in one group call as they want. Official WhatsApp users cannot use this unique feature because, in official WhatsApp, you can add a limited number of people, about 8 users, in one group call.

Language options
Users can select one language from English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, and many more. Choose one of these languages for your app and start chatting.

Dark mode
You can set your WhatsApp at dark mode to reduce eye fatigue in low-light surroundings. Now you are allowed to change the WhatsApp theme from bright to dark color.

Enables stickers
Stickers are enabled at the keypad of WA Gold. You can use stickers and icons while texting your friends or peers easily.

Status limit
Official WhatsApp allows uploading only 30 seconds long video status; however, in WA Gold, you can upload 5 minutes long status story.

No Forward Icon
Another amazing thing about WA Gold APK is that if you forward someone’s text to the next person, there will be no forward tag on the forwarded message. So no one will know that you are sending them another person’s message.

What’s New in Updated Version

The developers of WhatsApp Gold modified it to give you more user-friendly features and enhance the user experience. The most significant feature is its legality (Anti-Ban). You can use it for your personal, business, or friendly conversation without any threat because all your chats are end-to-end encrypted. 

The developers have made this app richer in the updated version. Let’s have a look at them. 

Dual Accounts

You can use one mobile number on two WhatsApp. Yes, you can use official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold side-by-side on the same number. Furthermore, you can clone WhatsApp Gold via any cloning app to use two different numbers on it. 

Up to date Privacy

WhatsApp Gold knows the importance of your personal chats. Don’t worry! All of your chats and conversations are in safe hands. With the upgraded version, you can hide your online status, typing, recording, blue tick, second tick, and much more to keep your life more personal and uninterrupted. 

Send Various Types of Files

With official WhatsApp, you are restricted to send certain types of files only. However, you can send many kinds of files such as PDF, ZIP, DOC, .txt, excel, word, ppt, third-party software file, or even APKs just in one click. 

Huge amount of Themes

Other WhatsApp versions have no or only a few themes available. Although, you can download and enable approximately 500 plus themes with WhatsApp Gold. So, give your WhatsApp an exciting user interface with desired themes. 

Voice Changer

It’s an unbeatable feature of WhatsApp Gold. You can send your voice note in ten unique voices such as lady, man, android, drunk, and much more. 

Animated Video Profile

At present, you can set any video for all contacts or individual contacts. Video profiles are primarily animated videos. You see animated background on incoming calls with this feature. 

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Gold

It seems beneficial to use WhatsApp Gold, but it also has some disadvantages too. However, it is richer in pros that is why you can neglect its cons. 


  • You can hide your online status (Last seen). 
  • You can hide blue ticks from any group or an individual chat. 
  • It has an anti-revoke feature. 
  • You can hide your typing status from anyone (group or contact). 
  • You can hide the recording of your microphone from anyone. 
  • Enhanced security and privacy settings. 
  • You can disable the internet (even your phone is still connected to the internet). 
  • You can schedule your messages for groups or contacts. 
  • Lock your last seen. 
  • Enable auto-replies (helpful for your business). 
  • Multiple themes are available. 
  • Complete customization. 
  • You can send large media files from WhatsApp Gold.
  • Enable/disable voice calls and group calls. 
  • Change language option. 
  • Hide forward icon.


  • As WhatsApp Gold is a modded app of the original WhatsApp, so they can send copyright strikes anytime. It means it can be banned anytime. 
  • They can sell your data to any third party. 


We have discussed approximately all the features of WhatsApp Gold APK that make it prominent than other WhatsApp APKs. This App allows you to use immersive features free of cost. As it is not an authentic application and has some security issues but we can’t ignore its features. So, we recommend you use this amazing app with some safety measures to protect your personal data.

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