WhatsApp Indigo APK Download 7.50 (Updated) Version 2021 – Anti Ban

Here comes an ultimate messaging option that will change the colors of your life, known as WhatsApp Indigo APK. It is between purple and blue, and you are going to love it for sure. However, the features embedded in this version are all unique and fascinating. It is a popular MOD among all the MODs present in the market, and you are going to like it after reviewing the features in detail.

WhatsApp Indigo is a modification of the official WhatsApp messenger app like Whatsapp Plus APK and GB Whatsapp. It’s an all-in-one package that has everything you need from WhatsApp, but you are unable to find it. You won’t need to search for another WhatsApp MOD after installing this APK version.

It was created with users in mind who want more functionality in their messaging app. In contrast to WhatsApp, which takes a massive amount of bandwidth, RAM, and other tools, it functions well on Android phones’ older models.

How to install or download WhatsApp Indigo APK

If you want to download WhatsApp Indigo, then you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First, click on the download button below.
  • Download the link by allowing permission.
  • When the downloads are over, go to your phone file manager.
  • Allow the installation from unknown sources and install the WhatsApp Indigo MOD APK.
  • After the installation complete, open the app and enjoy!

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Additional Information

Name WhatsApp Indigo
Genre Apps
Developer Ismael H
Version v5.60
Last updated 10 May 2020
Andriod Requirement 4.0.3 or above
File Size 31.6 MB
Total Downloads 50,000+

What’s New in Whatsapp Indigo APK 2021

This APK is a smaller version of the current WhatsApp, with all of the new additions and modifications, and it doesn’t need any of your device’s background resources. It was created using the latest technologies from WhatsApp to have the best possible experience.

Millions of people are using this version on their phones right now, and they are very pleased with the services. Although the general rating of this MOD is 4.5 and it is the most downloaded in recent history.

Your phone must meet the specifications, such as Android 4.0 or higher, to download the new update of this MOD. Since this is an APK, it isn’t available on App Store or Play Store, but no worries, you can get it from our site in just one click. You have to go to the download or install portion and get it from there by following the general instruction and a single tap on the download button.

Following are the features that are added to Whatsapp Indigo in the latest update.

  • The online toast bug has been fixed in the current version. 
  • Mobile app speed has been optimized. 
  • A new GIF library has been added with new and exciting GIFs. 
  • You can count the number of groups in the multicast viewing section. 
  • Message sending speed has also been improved. 
  • You can choose a custom privacy setting on your own. 
  • Other small bug fixes. 

Features of WhatsApp Indigo APK

The WhatsApp Indigo offers a wide range of applications and facilities. Some of the functions are the same as WhatsApp’s official app, while others are completely new. This app aims to provide users with legit flexibility to enjoy chatting with their loved ones. Now, if you’re ready to learn more about this version’s unique features, let’s start with the most important ones.


Ads are the irritating part of any application. Now you must be wondering how to get rid of these ads that distract you while having a crucial conversation with your friends. You can use this version of WhatsApp to avoid the ads and get an Ad-free experience with and troubleshoot problems.

File transfer

The original version of WhatsApp has some limitations for sending the files. Sometimes, you may feel a need to send large files to your friends or client on an urgent basis. To resolve this issue, we present you with the latest WhatsApp APK to send files of about 300 MB size in just one go.

Media Customization

Media may get into the roots of a device if you allow it to reside in the phone storage. It may cause you problems, such as the device’s storage may run out of capacity with the media you are receiving on WhatsApp. A new version, WhatsApp Indigo APK, is introduced with the customized media and features that overcome this issue.

Schedule Messages

There is a time when you get busy in your daily routine and forget to text your friends or family on special occasions. But now you can cope with this problem too. You can download the latest edition of WhatsApp Indigo APK from our site and set the messages’ schedule, so your friends don’t miss any message from you on their special occasion.

Hide online status

The online status may get irritating sometimes when you don’t want to interact with your contacts. However, in other cases, if you want to spy on someone, you can off your online status and take full advantage of this option to spy on your contacts’ online activity.

WhatsApp groups

The original WhatsApp group allows you a limited number of individuals to add to a single group. However, sometimes a broadcast list may fail to convey the message, and you need a group with a limit of 256+ individuals. This latest version allows you to add more than 256 contacts to a single group and communicate more efficiently with your team.

HD quality

WhatsApp has its resolution, and it converts your high-resolution images and videos to low quality. You can now send and receive HD quality images and videos from your contacts with this new MOD.

Doodle Image

It’s a fact that everyone wants a change in everything. Similarly, we also want to swap the WhatsApp Indigo icon and put out desired one. So, you can also replace the icon’s image with a doodle or any other image that you want to use. 

Blue Tick

Suppose you don’t want someone to know that you have read his message; you can make it possible by hiding the blue tick feature of WhatsApp Indigo. You can still see his message with this feature, but the app will pretend as if you did not read his messages. 

Archive Conversation

Sometimes the old chats are not important, but you want to keep their record for future or personal purposes. Now, you can archive your conversations with WhatsApp Indigo just in one click. 

Forward Message

There was a limit to forward your message to only a few people. However, WhatsApp Indigo developers made it possible to forward a message to up to 5 contacts. 

Copy Status

Most people share videos on their WhatsApp status. Previously, you had to download a third-party app to copy status from any contact. However, WhatsApp Indigo made it quick and easy. Currently, WhatsApp Indigo integrated the function of direct downloading status. Just click on the download button and copy the status within no time. 

Clear Recent Emojis

Sometimes it looks irritating to see your used emojis in the recent tab. Even you do have the authority to delete them. The second person can see your used emojis when he opens your WhatsApp. Don’t worry! WhatsApp Indigo takes care of your demands. Recently, you can clear the recent emojis tab whenever you want. 

Hide Phone Number

Occasionally, you just want to talk to a person without sharing your personal phone number. WhatsApp Indigo resolved this issue by launching an excellent feature. At present, you can talk to anyone and hide your mobile number from that participant from the privacy settings. 


WhatsApp Indigo is the modded (MOD) version of the original WhatsApp. It has not been banned from any platform. So, it’s a legal and completely safe mobile application. 

Whatsapp Indigo Specifications

This latest version of WhatsApp MOD gives you ultimate functions and supports Android and Windows devices. However, the Android version demand is 4.4 or above, and it works well on any Windows phone without any lagging.


It is an amazing application and easy to use also. However, the installation process is also easy and user-friendly. You can get a versatile user interface in this version with a lot of features. The app is simple to use, and it will never prompt you to troubleshoot a problem.

Risks of Using WhatsApp Indigo

Nothing is perfect in this world. Similarly, every software application has some downsides. Below are some significant risks of using WhatsApp Indigo:

Insecure Conversations

As private developers develop MOD apps, they have no physical appearance to store and transmit chats in a secure way. Likewise, WhatsApp Indigo is also not entirely safe. We recommend you not to share your sensitive information on it. 

Not available on Play Store

Trusted developers and companies do not copy or modify any app. They use creative ideas for application development. As WhatsApp Indigo is a copied app, it is not available on Google Play Store officially. Also, it does not get updates like other apps get on the Play Store. 

Can be Banned

As WhatsApp Indigo is a modified application and against the original WhatsApp terms and conditions, it can get banned anytime due to copyright issues. 


WhatsApp Indigo developers can start running ads whenever they want because an official company or organization has not developed it. So, those ads can be annoying for you. 

Safety issues

We are unaware of the protocols that WhatsApp Indigo is using. We don’t know when it’s talking to another server and sharing it with other apps and servers. It might be adding the malware in the shared links. Therefore, always research before using any MOD application. 


The most famous chatting application known as WhatsApp is being updated regularly. New versions are being introduced very fastly. However, the original version seems to have lost the charm in fulfilling the audience’s demands.

Different MODs are introduced, and each one is amazing, but the most attractive MOD up till now is WhatsApp Indigo. This MOD offers versatile features to its users and satisfies their needs. Moreover, this application’s rating has increased to 4.5 out of 5, which tells the success story for this software. These versions are getting more popular among chatting lovers. Don’t wait and install this application now from the above link and enjoy.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of WhatsApp Indigo APK?

The latest version of WhatsApp Indigo is V5.60. It is safe and secure, and you can use it easily without any problem.

How to download WhatsApp Indigo APK?

You can follow the steps in the above section to download this application successfully.

Does WhatsApp Indigo APK application grab ample space on the device?

No, this application is small in size and takes up to 32.6 MBs of your device’s total storage capacity only.

Do I need to root the device to install WhatsApp Indigo APK?

No, rooting a device is not necessary for such an application. You can download it without rooting your device.

What is the purpose of this latest version of WhatsApp Indigo APK?

This version’s primary purpose is to provide additional features to WhatsApp users to get a fascinating experience in just one application.

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