WhatsApp Mix APK Download Latest Version 2021 – Android & iPhone

The WhatsApp Mix APK is the combination of various WhatsApp MODs and is based on GB WhatsApp. It has so many features related to different types of WhatsApp MOD applications. Its several features are the same as GB WhatsApp like auto-reply, last seen accessibility, signup on multi accounts, DND, and modified protection methods.

You don’t need to text other WhatsApp applications to find your desired features, just install this all-in-one app and enjoy chatting with your people. Let’s dig into it in more detail.

Features of Whatsapp Mix APK

Mix WhatsApp offers a lot of features that are found separately on different WhatsApp MOD applications. You will find some extraordinary features of this app below.

Colors and Themes

Colors and themes setting is a prominent feature of this app because it also has GB Whatsapp themes, so there is no need to install another app to get your favorite theme. It also contains themes of other WhatsApp MODs. The developer is still developing the new themes of users’ interest that unlock with the new updates.


DND means Do Not Disturb. If you are doing online assignments, taking online classes, watching movies, or whatever you are doing on the internet but don’t want to connect with WhatsApp, then you can turn your WhatsApp On DND mode. You will not be disturbed by messages or calls, or other notifications on WhatsApp.

Media Sharing

This app allows you to share heavy files of videos of more than 2 GB. You can share a complete movie with a resolution of 720p through this extraordinary app. It also allows you to share 16 MB large audio files.

Image Sharing Limits

You are allowed to send 90 images with your friends at a time. Official WhatsApp allows only 30 images to share at a time.

Privacy settings

WhatsApp Mix APK introduces new privacy settings. There are many options for privacy checks like security questions, hide status, and hide last seen, makings this app more secure than any other app.

Security lock

This app asks you security questions upon unlock attempt. By that, no one will be able to open WhatsApp Mix even if they know the pattern or numeric password.


WhatsApp Mix has developed an anti-ban feature. According to this policy, official WhatsApp cannot ban you for using WhatsApp Mix MOD APK.

Hide Last Activities

It hides your online activities entirely like your last seen time and date, but you can see other people’s last seen.

Multiple accounts

WhatsApp Mix APK allows you to use three accounts. Just add your numbers in Mix WhatsApp and create an account. You just need to add separate numbers to create each account.

Hide chats

You don’t need to delete your conversation to protect it from anyone who reaches your phone. WhatsApp Mix has an option to hide your conversation completely. It also allows locks on specific chats to keep them secure. It is one of the most outstanding features of this app that is not available on WhatsApp official.

Backup and restore

It secures your media content and chats via the backup and restores option. This app provides you access to backup chats and other files easily. You can also save images, files, and contact details by using this feature.

Message scheduler

This feature gives you the option to set your messages according to desired schedules like anniversaries, birthdays, and important meetings. You only need to set your date, time, sender’s details, and type your message in the message scheduler, and the specific person will receive it on time.


You can set your WhatsApp themes, colors, fonts, etc., according to your need. You can decide how your Mix WhatsApp should look. Users can change the color and design of chat bubbles and check the way they want. You are enabled to select the design and color of the notification section too.

Possibility to change icon

This app also allows you to customize and choose the app icon. Icon customization also helps you to hide Mix WhatsApp from your Android’s home screen.

Download other’s status

You don’t need to install extra apps or status savers or ask your contacts to send their uploaded videos or pictures. WhatsApp Mix has the unique feature of status saver that helps to download other’s statuses and stories easily.

What’s New in the Latest Version

Following are the features of WhatsApp Mix that became part of it in the latest version.

  • You can add Instagram stories as WhatsApp status.
  • New and updated themes and stickers are available.
  • Bugs of the old version are fixed.
  • More customization options like chat bubbles and notification icons are available.
  • You can mark statuses as Viewed.
  • In-chat translation is now available.

How to Install Whatsapp Mix APK?

Back up your data from official WhatsApp before uninstalling it. Just follow the simple steps given below and start enjoying the extraordinary feature of WhatsApp Mix.

Step 1: Go on your phone setting and Allow installation from unknown sources if they are disabled.

Step 2: Tap on the download button of WhatsApp Mix APK below and start the installation procedure.

Step 3: Wait for complete installation and open the app.

Step 4: Enter your mobile number for the verification, and then click on Copy WhatsApp Data. It will restore your data completely.

Step 5: Now enjoy WhatsApp Mix APK and customize it according to your favorite theme, design, and color.


Following are the advantages of using WhatsApp Mix.

  • You can use different themes and colors to customize your WhatsApp.
  • You can schedule messages to send to different people at a specific time.
  • Optimal privacy customization options are available.
  • You can be online while you are not using your phone.
  • You can use up to three accounts with different phone numbers on WhatsApp Mix.
  • There is an option to customize the App icon; it also helps in terms of privacy as no one knows what app icon it is.
  • You can hide as well as lock specific chats.
  • Now you can download the Status of other people, and they will never know.
  • New emojis, fonts, and backgrounds make chatting fun.
  • User-friendly 3D interface with super fast speed.


Following are the disadvantages that you may face while using WhatsApp Mix.

  • It is not an official variant of Whatsapp official.
  • It is a third-party app, so privacy and security are always questionable.
  • We don’t know on whose server our data is being stored.
  • Shows annoying ads sometimes.


WhatsApp Mix is the best application that works as an all-rounder. It has almost all the features that someone requires for effective chatting. Mix WhatsApp APK is a significant alternative to official WhatsApp that allows you to create more accounts while using a single application. It may have some security issues, but we can’t ignore the features of WhatsApp Mix APK.


What is the latest version of WhatsApp Mix APK?

The latest version of WhatsApp Mix APK is v11.0.0; it was released on 2 December 2020. You can download it by clicking on the button given above.

How can I download WhatsApp Mix APK?

You can download WhatsApp Mix APK by clicking on the ‘Download WhatsApp Mix’ button above. It will redirect you to a download page and will automatically download the WhatsApp Mix APK file to your device.

How can I install WhatsApp Mix on my device?

Allow installation from unknown sources from your phone settings. Now go to the File Manager of your phone and find the WhatsApp Mix APK file there. Click on it so that the installation begins. Within a few moments, WhatsApp Mix will be installed on your device.

Is WhatsApp Mix MOD safe?

WhatsApp Mix is not an official variant of WhatsApp official; instead, it is a third-party app. There are always security and privacy concerns related to third-party apps; the same is the case with the WhatsApp Mix, so use it at your own risk.

How to update WhatsApp Mix?

To update WhatsApp Mix, find ‘Download WhatsApp Mix Latest Version’ on this page. Click on it, and the latest version will be downloaded to your device. Now install this version from the File Manager of your device. It will automatically rewrite the older version to the latest version of WhatsApp Mix.

Can I get banned from WhatsApp using WhatsApp Mix?

This version of WhatsApp Mix contains anti-ban features, so WhatsApp officials cannot ban you for using WhatsApp Mix. So install it on your devices and enjoy its amazing features.

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