WhatsApp MOD APK Download (Updated) 2021 – Anti Ban & Safe

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most trusted and used apps of this era. It offers users a free-of-cost facility to message, call, send files, and much more to anyone in the world who is on your contact list. However, the users always need more in all the apps, making room for WhatsApp APKs.

WhatsApp APKs or WhatsApp MOD APK are Apps that are not developed by the official authorities. Instead, they are developed by third parties that do some modifications to the original app for a better user experience.

WhatsApp APK includes many different MOD apps for WhatsApp that had MOD features like hiding status, hiding recording audio status, etc. In short, MOD APKs of WhatsApp offer more privacy configurations and more variety to your chat. Let’s discuss all of the features of WhatsApp MOD APK in detail.

Whatsapp MOD APK Download

Name Whatsapp MOD APK
Compatible with Android 4.3+ & iphone 5+
Last version 20.22
Developer My GB Apps
Rating 4.9/5
Price Free
Size 39 MB
Mod Anti Ban, No Ads & Safe
Category Messaging
Sit Tight and Wait……. Downloading can take longer than normal

How to install WhatsApp APK on Android?

Mostly all the WhatsApp APK apps need a smartphone/Android that must run on Android 4.0 and more. To install any WhatsApp APK apps on Android, you must allow unknown sources or 3rd party installation to install any of these apps.

Moreover, you do not need to root your device to install these WhatsApp APK apps. You can download WhatsApp APK latest version from our website. The step-by-step method or process to download WhatsApp APK is discussed below:

  • Whatsapp APK free download is available on our website.
  • You can get the link to WhatsApp’s latest version of APK apps here.
  • Then just click on that link and go to the download page.
  • Download the link and install it on your Android device.
  • Allow unknown sources from the settings to install any app.

Whatsapp Plus 2 Privacy Protection Features

  • Your WhatsApp APK apps will be installed on your device within a few minutes, and you can have fun with the MOD features of these apps.


The MOD features of WhatsApp APK apps are discussed in detail below:

More emoticons

In the original version of WhatsApp, you will get just limited emoticons that make your conversation boring. But in the WhatsApp APK apps, you will get more emojis or emoticons. There are also some emoticons for Google Hangouts that will make your chat more interesting.

One downside of this feature is that you can only send these emoticons to those who have also downloaded the WhatsApp APK app. If you send anyone who does not have the WhatsApp APK, then the emoticon will not show to them in their inbox.


The APK WA apps have more themes than the original application. All the themes are unique, elegant, and attractive. You can also select the color of the buttons, text, and graphics according to your choice. In these WhatsApp APK apps, there are more than 700 themes, so you will surely find one of your interest.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about downloading all the themes because the apps automatically download all the themes and arrange them for you according to the date, time, and version.

Hiding options

One of the most important features of WhatsApp APK apps is the hiding options. Sometimes we are busy in our business conversation or chatting with our loved ones, and we don’t want anyone to disturb us. For that reason, the WhatsApp APK apps introduce hiding/privacy features.

Whatsapp Mod APK Features

With the help of this feature, you can hide your last seen, your status from any person or group whom you didn’t like. In encrypted conversation, this feature provides more freedom.

Advanced file sharing options

You can only share the files up to 16 MB in the original WhatsApp that sometimes creates problems for you when you want to share bigger files. In the WhatsApp APK apps, you can share files up to 50 MB.

File modification is also available in WhatsApp APK apps from 2 MB to 50 MB, and this feature is not available in the official WhatsApp.

Auto reply

This feature is beneficial for everyone. Using this feature, you can set a message, and it will be automatically sent to the person who will text you.


The WhatsApp latest APK has unlimited wallpapers. All the wallpapers are unique and beautiful. You can set them on the wall or the chat screen of your WhatsApp. You can also set different themes for different chats.

History and logs

Those people who always want that no one else knows what they are doing, or those who want to keep a record of each activity they do on their WhatsApp, this feature is essential for them. In this way, you can have a record of everything you have done on WhatsApp. You can delete it if you want to keep it personal.

Hide conversation

It is a very important feature, and by using this feature, you can hide any conversation without deleting it. It will make your conversation safe and secure. Moreover, you can also apply a pattern or password to your chats to make them more secure and safe. In this way, your business chat or your other private chat will be safe even if someone uses your phone as no one can open your chats.

More images

In WhatsApp’s latest version APK apps, you can send more images than the original WhatsApp. Approximately you can send up to 90 images to another person or group in one turn, compared to the official WhatsApp in which you can send only 30 pictures in one turn.

Hide blue tick

One of WhatsApp’s best features is that when you send a message to another person, you can see whether he/she has viewed your message or not through a blue tick. Sometimes, when someone is busy with their work and doesn’t want to reply, they need to answer back due to this blue tick. Because when we don’t respond to the sender, he will become worried about why my friend is not replying.

By using WhatsApp APK apps, you can hide your blue tick option. When someone texts you, they will think that this person has not opened my message yet.

Hide typing

Most of the time, we have seen that when both sides are typing, we get confused about what to type and what to not. This feature will help you hide your typing in the chat so that the other person can send a message to you without any disturbance.


The cleaner is a very good feature of WhatsApp APK apps. You can clear all the chats and the other unnecessary data that you want to clean.


With this feature, you can share HD quality images, videos that are longer than 30 seconds, video size up to 50 MB, and the audio size of 100 MB. These things are not available on the official WhatsApp.

View other’s online

In the official WhatsApp, when you hide your last seen, you can’t see others’ last seen. But in WhatsApp APK apps, you can see others’ last seen/online without showing them your last seen to them. With this feature, you can see who is online and not online without anyone knowing that you are online.

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of WhatsApp APK apps are as follows:


  • Hundreds of unique and different features.
  • User-friendly and attractive interface.
  • Straightforward to use if you have understood the rules of WhatsApp APK apps.


  • The WhatsApp APK app needs more space as compared to the official WhatsApp.
  • You need to install a third-party application.
  • It will show you ads that are annoying and inappropriate.

Risks related to WhatsApp APK apps

In the WhatsApp APK apps, you get unlimited MOD features. But some of the WhatsApp APK apps are not safe. The risks that are included in these kinds of apps are:

Not Secure: After searching from different internet research institutes, it is said that the hosted servers of the WhatsApp APK apps are not secure. They can hack your data and may create more problems for you.

Non-Encrypted: The WhatsApp APK apps are not encrypted, and anyone from the internet can hack your account and read your messages; so, it is very dangerous and insecure if you send any of your personal information such as your password, your banking credentials, and many other details that you don’t want to share with anyone.

Illegal Apps: Some of the WhatsApp APK apps are illegal. Due to this reason, you may get your number permanently banned from WhatsApp.


WhatsApp APK apps are just excellent and outstanding applications. They have a lot of features and options that are very helpful. The most important thing is that all the features are free to use when you have installed the WhatsApp APK apps on your Android device.

By reading this article, you have got all the information about WhatsApp APK apps. But if you still find difficulty using or downloading the WhatsApp APK apps, you can ask us in the comment section below. We expect to hear positive feedback from you.

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