WhatsApp Prime APK Download (Official) Latest Version – Updated 2022

With WhatsApp Prime APK, you can enjoy its various functions with more variety. This web-based application for smartphones allows you to share anti-ban features. Further, increase the size of your smartphone multimedia to the next level. Privacy features, secured end-to-end encryption, customization and compatibility are the dominant features of Whatsapp Prime APK which easy to download and install in Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp Prime, in particular, is the latest application satisfying the consumer’s need. As a result, a large number of users prefer MOD to the original WhatsApp mobile application. Since the WhatsApp code is not open source, this kind of third-party app is rarely legal, but it gives the original app more features and choices.

Just like Whatsapp Plus and GB Whatsapp APK, the prime version is also safe to install and use in any device.

The primary root cause of many features is individuals’ demands for additional features appropriate for daily use. The ultimate legit features available in this version are Anti-ban, No need to download media, Disable replies, large file transfer, increased video sending size, Enable/disable call option, Restore image quality, Increased characters limit, and much more.

WhatsApp Prime has all of GBWhatsApp’s features; that’s why it is also known as GBWhatsApp Prime. Essentially, the Prime edition adds several new elements to the original app. As a result, nearly everyone enjoys this app because it provides endless fun. You can make video or audio calls and more with this app.

Now you will be thinking about it is safe to use or download? From where should I download this version? So, let us make an exact scenario, it is safe to use and download. At the same time, you can get this version from our site if you scroll down to the download section.

How to install WhatsApp Prime APK on Android

To download WhatsApp Prime APK, you have to follow the steps below. They are very much easy.

  1. First, click on the download button below.
  2. When the downloads complete, go to your phone’s file manager.
  3. Allow the installation from unknown sources and install the WhatsApp Prime MOD APK.
  4. After the installation completes, open the app and enjoy!

How to download WhatsApp Prime APK on PC 

You can download this application on your PC. Before downloading this application, you should know how to download this application. You would need an Android Emulator to run this Android App on your PC. For that purpose, BlueStacks is the best choice. Download and install BlueStacks on your PC and come back to this page again.

Now, click on the button below to start downloading WhatsApp Prime APK on PC. After downloading this application, install it on your PC. After installing this application select the settings according to their uses and then enjoy its updated version and features.

WhatsApp Prime APK Information:

App Name WhatsApp Transparent Prime
Version v10.20
Size 42.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Last Updated 1 day ago

Features of WhatsApp Prime APK

Now that we’ve given you some context, we’re eager to tell you about the functionalities and features in greater depth. WhatsApp Prime is a remastered edition of GB WhatsApp that has several new features.

File Transfer

This version allows you to transfer 300 files at once, including photographs, videos, and documents. So, don’t wait to download this incredible version to enjoy instant messaging along with increased options of file transfer.


The app’s creators used legal codes and protocols to build it. As a result, you will never get banned from the original app. You can use this application fearlessly without any fear of banning.

No need to download media

The media does not need to be downloaded. It can be accessed without downloading. It is the main advantage of having this version on your device.

Increased video sending limit

Now you can send videos of large sizes as well. The maximum video sending size has been raised to 70 MB. This perfect application can make your sharing experience enjoyable.

Increased characters limit

Character limits have been extended in all options. You can now express your emotions more freely in more characters. The characters attain primary importance, and the limit is expanded with WhatsApp Prime to gain user’s attention.

Disable replies

You can switch off replies from your contacts. It means you can send messages, but your profile would not allow you to receive responses. One-sided connection is entirely possible thanks to the WhatsApp Prime APK.

Restore image quality

This app restores the images in the same state as when you first downloaded them. The resolution and file size would be the same for your recipient. And this is only possible with WhatsApp Prime, don’t wait to download this fascinating application.

Enable/disable call option

When you open chat, you can accidentally click the call button. This issue has now been resolved. The call button can be activated and disabled at any time. Further, this web-based application for smartphones can make your socializing experience easy and fruitful with this feature.

Status copier 

The updated variant of Prime WhatsApp APK  can copy the status of your contacts and directly paste it to your WhatsApp status bar option.

Addition of themes 

In this variant of WhatsApp, users can add or change the wallpaper of their choice and add different themes of different colors.

Single tab option

In the previous variant of this APK, users could not send the same photo to several contacts in a single tab. But in an updated variant of this Prime WhatsApp APK, users can send the same image to several contacts in a single tab.

Media quality

It is another feature by which this APK is most prevalent all over the world. In this updated APK, the picture graphics don’t change during sending in chats. The video’s resolution and its speed also don’t change.

Location changer  

Another important feature is available in this application in which users can show different locations or fake locations by using this application. 

Hidden options

There is another feature in which users can hide different options such as chats, links to groups, video calls, and media. But in the original variant of WhatsApp, users can not do so. 

Virus-free application  

This updated application is a virus-free application and can not carry any virus while downloading and installation. Although it is a non-official app, you can install it on your devices without worrying about viruses.

Last seen  

In this updated APK, you can see the last seen of your contacts without going online on the app. In this application, the last seen of the contacts is on the contact screen of this application.

What’s New in WhatsApp Prime APK?

Following are the new features that are introduced in the latest update of WhatsApp Prime APK.

  • In this application, users can send links directly to Telegram.
  • The latest version of this Prime WhatsApp APK contains an error correction feature.
  • Users can lock the chat of any person and apply a password for any specific person’s conversation.
  • This updated version also allows zooming the profile picture of any contacts.
  • This version is based on 2.16.212 of the original WhatsApp.
  • Transparent screen. 
  • Additional privacy features. 

Details of App

WhatsApp Prime is an updated version of the original WhatsApp. It is appropriate for those who are looking for additional features. The size of WhatsApp is 14 MBs and supports Android and Windows devices. The demand for WhatsApp Prime is increasing day by day, and you can download it on your Android device with specifications of 4.0 or above.


The user interface of the application is pleasing and exceptional. It’s an easy app to use, and it’ll never ask you to troubleshoot a problem. This application is simple to install and provides outstanding results while taking up less space on your device.

It gives legit pleasure while using it for the first time. All the settings and options are easily understandable and appropriate to satisfy the new demands of individuals.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Does the WhatsApp Prime app charge any money to the person using it?

No, this version is free of cost. You can enjoy it without spending anything. You can download this application for free, and there is no other in-app purchase for the users to pay.

Can we run this web-based application on a Windows phone?

Yes, we can run WhatsApp Prime on your smartphones. Furthermore, you can also install this application successfully to your desktop, iOS operating smartphones as well as your Windows phone.

Do we face any troubleshoot issues in the application?

The User Interface of this ultimate application for smartphones is excellent, so it doesn’t show any troubleshoot issues. You just have to install this application and use it without any inconvenience.

Does the smartphone app grab any extra space on the device?

No, it doesn’t occupy any extra space on your device. The size of this application is 14 MBs only. It makes it a perfect application for your smartphone.

Can I download WhatsApp Prime on PC?

Yes, this WhatsApp Prime is also downloadable on PC. You have to follow the process of downloading to get this application on your PC successfully.

What are the features of WhatsApp Prime?

WhatsApp Prime’s primary features are; Anti-ban, No need to download media, Disable replies, Enable/disable call option, Restore image quality, Increased characters limit, and much more.


GBWhatsApp Prime is the modified version of WhatsApp. This application is a fantastic chatting application that you can use for conversation, news updates, and even profitable business purposes.

Since WhatsApp is used by billions of people worldwide, consumers are looking for more features, and further, customizations of the application to be used by the users. You can get an exclusive experience while using it on your device. It is an application with many features not available in any MOD versions of WhatsApp present in the market.

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